Grades of Quality for Replica Watches

Replica watches are produced in a variety of quality levels. The price is strongly influenced by the quality grade.

A-Grade Chinese Replica (A, AA, AAA)

The A grade in Chinese is the entry class in replica watches. Mostly traded in Deira’s seedy back alleys. These, according to the sellers, are masters. The gleaming color in the bright shop light can lead to poor decisions. Quartz movements are also used in the materials and colors. Colors fade rapidly, and the pieces begin to fall apart. It’s easy to identify a fake (for example closed backside even on models that come with open case). Realistic prices are between AED 100 and 350, but Dubai sellers are cunning and can easily charge AED 1,000 or more. Money was absolutely thrown away.

AAA+ Grade

AAA+ is a Chinese grade too, but the Plus applies more effort to the optics. Still a long way from the original, but a significant improvement over the standard A grade. These replicas will not come in a packaged box or with a certificate. The AAA+ is usually equipped with a basic Japanese or Chinese automatic movement. Although the shell tends to be much better than the lower grades, only ordinary glass is used (no anti scratch). The bracelet is the weakest element. If you want to wear your watch every day or have long-term plans, this is not the watch for you. Price range: AED 800-1.200 (USD 220-330)

Master Grade

The Master Copy places a strong emphasis on optics. Even though trained eyes can spot some defects, the specifics are excellent. Simple Swiss gestures are used, nothing too fancy, but they get the job done. The case has a flawless finish, and the bracelet is normally in excellent condition. In this grade, sapphire anti-scratch glass is standard. Price range: from AED 2,400 (from USD 620) Rolex: from 2,400 Patek, AP, Hublot: from 3,200

Super Clone

The Super Clone is the highest level of copy watch production and is only available for particular brands. These timepieces are manufactured by top manufacturers such as Noob, JF, AR, BP, JH, V6F, and others. Swiss pieces, such as Swiss clone movements (Rolex 3135 or 4130), are high quality parts (often case parts from the original watch can be found). The weight and small safety features are almost identical to those on the original watch. Of course, a competent watchmaker or owner might recognize these as fakes by disassembling them, but the chances of your watch being taken apart at a party are obviously slim. This is the best of the best; these timepieces are designed to last a lifetime. Price range: AED 3,600 to 7,500 (USD 980+ usd) Rolex 3,600-4,200 Patek from AED 4,800 AP/Hublot from AED 4,200