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Tips for the Choosing Right Replica Watch That Fits Your Wrist


The replica watch is one of the most popular watches of jewelry which is used by both men and women in the world. Most of the top brand replica watches play a significant role in choosing watches. The price and availability of original brand watches are far from most watch lovers. The real top branded watch manufacturers follow their unique marketing strategy and they produce limited-edition watches in a year. Limited-edition and high demand make their watch price very expensive which is not affordable for all. Replica watches of branded watches such as Rolex, Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, etc. come as an alternative option of choice for brand watch lovers and watch collectors. Choosing a replica watch that fits your wrist is not an easy task. You need to know some tips and techniques to choose a replica watch. 

There are some tips for choosing a replica watch that fits your wrist. If you follow the tips to buy your dream replica watch then you will get a perfect fit replica watch. As we know choosing the watch case diameter, watch case thickness, watch strap width, and watch strap length play a vital role in a replica watch that fits your wrist. For selecting a replica watch that fits your wrist you need to follow the following tips.

Consider The Right Watch Case Diameter

There is no set rule for men’s or women’s watches that fits their wrist. It is best to match the case diameter with your wrist size. If you have a 6 -6.50” wrist then the case diameter will be 39mm, for a 6.50-7.5” wrist the diameter will be 36 mm-42 mm, for a 7.5-8” wrist the diameter will be >39mm and for oversize 8” +, the diameter will be 43mm to 46mm. Matching the case diameter with your wrist will look best. The case diameter between 22mm to 34mm is for a thin wrist. So, you understood how important it is to know your wrist size and case diameter to fit your wrist.

For selecting a replica watch you must know which watch case diameter will fit your wrist. As you know, the diameter of the watch case of the replica watch is the most prominent element of the watch. Sometimes the case diameter should match your dress. You should always choose an elegant look to watch case diameter. To find out the perfect watch case diameter you must measure your wrist. You can take help selecting your case diameter from your nearest and dearest. Also, you will have so much information online and watch forums.  

Consider The Right Watch Case Thickness

This is also significant to know the wrist measurement and watch case thickness to fit the watch on your wrist. If your wrist is 6 – 6.5” then the case thickness will be 11mm, for a 6.5 -7.5” wrist the case thickness will be 13mm, for a 7.5 to 8.00” wrist the case thickness will be 11mm. Finding the right thickness watch for your wrist will be amazing since you will feel peace and comfort after wearing the watch. The case thickness under 11mm is for thin wrists.

For buying a replica watch you need to be more careful about the watch case thickness. As you know the watch case thickness plays a vital role in fitting the watch on your wrist. Due to the incorrect case thickness the replica watch may not fit on your wrist. This is good news for you that the replica watchmakers always follow the correct case thickness. But you need to find out which thickness case is appropriate for your wrist.

Consider The Right Watch Strap Width

Normally the strap width of a watch is 50% of the watch case`s diameter. For example, if the diameter is 36mm then the strap width will be 18mm. Generally, the strap width of the top brand watch is 18mm to 24mm. The strap width is more important for an elegant watch. If the strap width is not appropriate according to wrist circumference, then the strap will not be attractive. The baggy fitted strap watch is not good for fashion. So, finding the right-width strap watch is wise for your wrist.

Therefore, when choosing a replica watch, you must pay special attention to its strap width. You will be happy to know that most of the replica watch manufacturers pay more attention to following the same strap width of the branded watch that they are copying. As their target is to make a replica watch the same as it is the masterpiece of a real watch.

Consider The Right Watch Strap Length

In most cases, the strap length should be about 115% of your wrist circumference. You can make sure of your strap length by measuring your wrist width in millimeters and multiplying it by 1.15. For example, if your wrist is 165 mm then your watch strap will be 190mm, for a 175mm wrist the strap length will be 201mm, for a 190mm wrist the strap length will be 218mm, for a 200mm wrist the strap length will be 230mm. So, you understand that choosing the right watch strap may cause some confusion. In that case, you need to check with your trusted replica watch retailer. 

In short, it can be said that all the wrists of men and women are not the same. There is some variation in its structure. Some wrists are wide and some wrists are thin. Most of the replica watch manufacturers produced the replica watch as per the structure of the human wrist. But you must care about choosing a replica watch that fits your wrist. If you get the right-fit replica watch for your wrist, then it would be amazing for comfort and fashion. Your perfect-fit replica watch will expose your style and personality. 

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